Partner Churches

The following churches are not only contributing content to; they’re using it as a key component in discipling their people.

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Houston's First Baptist Church
Houston, TX
Pastor, Gregg Matte

Houston’s First Baptist Church is a thriving and diverse community of real people experiencing real life together. Life Bible Studies are the primary method at HFBC for connecting with others and growing together. Using, Life Group teachers will be able to shorten the preparation of original lessons as well as provide focused multi-week studies by leading pastors or theological thinkers of the day. In addition, the pastoral staff will be able to use to aid in their sermon and teaching preparation.

“ will be a powerful tool in the hands of our Life Group teachers that allows them to develop targeted lesson plans, studies on Books of the Bible, or topical studies on things such as marriage or parenting.” Ben Pritchett, Minister of Education

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The Summit Church
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Pastor, J.D. Greear
The Summit Church creates weekly, sermon-based, small group curriculum. Because the staff aims to align the week and the weekend in their discipleship process, having a tool like helps them research and brainstorm quality discussion questions more efficiently as they seek to equip their small group leaders to make disciples.
“Using is like adding a research assistant and writer to our small groups team. Our goal is to make disciples and every extra resource helps!” — David Talbert, Small Groups Pastor

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The Austin Stone Community Church
Austin, TX
Pastor, Matt Carter
The Austin Stone Community Church is committed to training God’s people for life and ministry. They are excited to see how can aid their staff in building sermon-based Bible studies to help their missional community leaders continue to train their people to make disciples throughout the week. Their missional community leaders will also be able to create additional, customized Bible studies to fit the specific training needs of their group.

“At the Austin Stone, we want our people to live by the truths of Scripture. I am excited to use in this next season to give our missional communities another resource to help them dive deeper into the Word of God.” Rex Hamilton, Director of Equipping

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Crossroads Community Church
Vancouver, WA
Pastor, Daniel Fusco
Crossroads Community Church is beginning a brand new community groups initiative this fall, and is a key component of making it happen. Through, the staff team at Crossroads will create and distribute a study guide based on Pastor Daniel Fusco’s message from the previous week. In the future, Crossroads will give their group leaders access to in order to take advantage on a personal level of the content available for them.
“At Crossroads, we believe that ‘growth happens in groups.’ That’s why I’m so excited to not only use, but see how this amazing tool can continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the body of Christ.” — Corby Stephens, Pastor of Groups and Young Adults