Perfect For… works great in these settings:

Churches that have sermon-based groups

Sermon-aligned studies allow a church to connect their small group to the pastor’s sermons. Groups are equipped to dive deeper together and apply the text initially studied in worship gatherings. Because every study in can be personalized, members can choose a study based on a topic or text that aligns with their pastor’s sermon and then customize it to fit perfectly. Drop in quotes, add questions, or thread in church-specific application points, and do so faster than you ever could before.

Churches that allow groups to choose their curriculum

Many group leaders have the responsibility of selecting studies for their group. makes it easy with a library of pre-built, video-enhanced studies only a few clicks away. For no additional charge, members can grant access to as many group leaders as needed, giving those leaders the ability to use and quickly find or request customizable studies.

Churches that provide study maps for discipleship

A study map outlines what groups should study over a period of time. It drives group members intentionally and systematically through the Word. Sometimes this map is built by a publisher like LifeWay in a line of curriculum. Other times it is built by a staff member for the church’s groups. It can also be built by a group leader for an individual group. With, a church or group leader can create a short- or long-term pathway of discipleship for as many different groups as necessary, personalizing the study map for each group.